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The Noisyband Crew - the collectible characters

Rosie the Ridiculously Rad Robot

Rosie is the most rad robot you will ever meet. With Rosie strapped around your wrist, your robot dance moves will go from cheesy to off-the-heezy. Her Beeps and Bops are so bionically beautiful that she makes a man want to speak in binary ;)

Astro Ashley

Astro Ashley is an brilliant astronaut who goes on top secret missions to faraway galaxies to collect scientific data that helps humans live healthier lives and take better care of earth. Astro Ashley blasts off with an explosive Boom! and zooms with a Woosh! at billions of miles per hour through clouds of ancient stardust. 


Collin the Southern California Surfer Dude

Nobody shreds the gnar like Collin the SoCal surfer dude. He sure knows exactly how to smack the lip and get pitted bro!... Whappahhh!,  Yewww!, Gnarly, Dude! If you don't know these phrases, Collin is your guy - he'll teach you all of the coolest surf culture slang. With this sun-kissed shredder around your wrist, Collin will add  stoke to your high fives all day long until the California sun sets. So DON'T BE A KOOK ... and AMPLI-FIVE with Collin.

Mr. Mcyuckyuck

Mr. McYuckYuck is a staunch opponent of bodily hygiene. He leaves behind a thick green cloud of heinous fumes wherever he goes. Authorities have issued warnings to Mr. McYuckYuck's neighbors to avoid coming within 20 feet of this dumpster on legs. If only Mr. McYuckYuck didn't pick his nose so often, he might finally get a whiff of his own putrid stench and quit incessantly belching, farting and sneezing.

Be sure to give your friends high fives and fist bumps with Mr. McYuckYuck around your wrist after you eat beans so that you can blame your gas on this guy's Burps and Farts

The NoisY Animals

The Noisy Animals Noisyband is a miniature farm that contains a miniature horse, rooster, cat and lion. These animals actually live inside of the bracelet* and come alive with a high five.

*Imagination required


Educational Noisybands that Teach through Repetition

Greetings in Foreign Languages


Customized Noisybands

Create customized Noisybands with your own graphics and sound effects!
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Here are a few examples.

Go Brazil! World Cup Noisyband

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