Gideon Grossman

After earning a mechanical engineering degree with honors from Princeton University (aka "living under a stack of books for 4 years"), Gideon entered the real world, where he quickly learned he was entirely oblivious to any pop culture references. In this strange world where people frighteningly referenced lines from TV shows and rallied around professional sports teams, Gideon shielded his inner nerd in the comfort of working as a mechanical, electrical and software engineer at innovative startup companies around the world. In Manhattan, Tel Aviv, Maui and San Diego, he has helped design counterterrorism robots, genetic sequencing machines, rugged training equipment for Olympic athletes, million dollar electronic art installations and Bluetooth enabled security systems.

Gideon's greatest passion is playing hip hop drum beats on paint buckets at farmers markets and boardwalks under the alias, "Boomtikkabam". By making high fives and fist bumps more engaging, Noisybands are Gideon's way of sharing a taste of bucket drumming's incredibly social vibes with the rest of the world.

When not designing Noisybands or performing street percussion at the boardwalk, Gideon can be found wiping out on a surfboard or cooking lentils.